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This is the Olympia neighborhood of Columbia. Most of it is outside the city limits even though it's only a stone's throw from downtown.

The neighborhood contains 2 mill villages and 2 abandoned mills; The Olympia Mill and the Granby Mill. They each had their own village. After many years of vacancy the two mills are being turned into apartments and retail businesses. If this is done correctly, hopefully they will turn this neighborhood around.

The old Granby Mill is in the foreground with the Olympia Mill in the distance. I can't imagine how much this renovation will cost, but it must be close to $100 million.


This is the Olympia Mill. It is a beautiful structure and can be seen for miles. I hope the renovation restores its grandeur.

This is Olympia Park. I think it has potential.

The Martin Marietta rock quarry is on the edge of Olympia. They are kind of hidden, but there are 3 huge rock quarries (granite, I believe) in Columbia. Between the rock quarries and the brick maufacturing, Columbia has some of the mosat affordable homes in the country.

This is the old Whaley Textile Mill. Textiles used to be king in South Carolina before so many jobs moved overseas. This mill was turned into apartments in the 1980's. The Olympia and Granby Mills are many times larger. I hope their renovation is as successful.